Jesse lives and works out of Houston, Texas










last updated 07/20011

Jesse Cancelmo is an accomplished underwater photographer, author, and photojournalist.  His articles and photographs have appeared in numerous diving and wildlife publications.  He has authored three books, DIVING CAYMAN ISLANDS (1998), and DIVING BERMUDA (1990 and 2005).  His third book TEXAS CORAL REEFS, published by Texas A&M Press, was released in April 2008. Jesse is a contributing editor/photographer for Dive Training Magazine, contributes regularly to Texas Parks & Wildlife and other dive and wildlife magazines He leads groups on Gulf of Mexico and Indo-Pacific dive adventures.

Photographing sailfish off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A native of Philadelphia, Jesse was scuba certified in 1970 and cut his teeth on Jersey wreck diving in the early '70s.  He relocated to Houston in 1976 where he remains active in the local dive community.  Jesse is a PADI Divemaster and was certified as a technical trimix diver (TDI) in 1998.  In October '99, he dived the famous Civil War ship, USS Monitor, located off the coast of North Carolina in 230 feet of water and Jesse dived and photographed the Andrea Doria off Long Island, NY in 2001.